Vital Info

To avoid needing to repeat this stuff in blog posts, I will post it all here.

I'm a Writer

I have books for sale. I'm (always) looking to expand my audience of readers. I may post things in my blog that reference and/or promote my books. Book marketing is what this blog is all about, and that will include my books, although the focus won't be my books.

I'm a Small Business Owner

In addition to treating my writing like a business, I also own and manage a small business that, among other things, provides publishing services to other writers. Although I don't specifically plan to feature them, it's not unlikely that I will use their books as examples if the need for an example arises, to avoid boring you by always referring to my own.

I'm in this for the Money

…and if you're reading a book marketing blog, I will assume you are too! I absolutely want my books to be valued by readers, and I don't mind at all if many people read my books for free, but in the long run I want to be able to pay most or all of my bills (and set myself up for eventual retirement) with royalties or other writing-related income.

I'm an Affiliate

Some of the things I link to—in fact, many things I link to—will be linked using special codes that will benefit me in some way if you use the link (normally, that will mean clicking the link and then doing something like signing up, buying something, etc.). To my knowledge, this will never cost you anything extra. It is my sincere intent to make sure that you never experience anything negative from using a link I include in this blog. Except this link. Ha ha. As tempting as it is to use that short URL service, those interstitials are just too much.

Specifically: Stuart J. Whitmore is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

I'm a Believer in Advertising, and Analytics, and New Tabs

You're not paying anything to read this blog, and that's the way I like it. On the other hand... in it for the money... I will include ads here as an alternative to charging for content (that people wouldn't pay for... ha ha).

I will often use things that help me see what is getting clicked. Normally this does not mean that I can see who clicked. However, I can't completely guarantee that I'll never notice a connection between analyzed activity and specific individuals. Even though that is possible, it is definitely not the intent.

When I link to things on other sites, I will usually have that content open in a new tab or window. This used to be controversial, but I think people expect and want it these days. If you don't like it... well, maybe you can find a way around it, but I'll keep preparing my links the same as always.