Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Tool for Cross-Pollination

You may not be interested to know that my personal site has a new theme and it's now mobile-friendly, but a new addition on the left sidebar might interest you. That section now shows two Kindle book covers from other indie authors, courtesy of This is a nifty tool that is built to provide cross pollination among indie authors, and it's free to sign up to participate.

Cross-pollination makes a lot of sense as a way to build awareness of books. That service is only a few days old and I've only been signed up a couple days, but already my book covers have shown up on the sites of other authors dozens of times. As of this writing, there are 46 authors signed up to participate, with over 150 titles that are randomly selected. Adding books is as easy as pasting in the ASIN, and you can narrow down the genres of books that show up on your site if you want.

If you want to increase the exposure of your indie books—and what indie author doesn't?—I recommend taking a look at this new service! And my site too, 'cause, ya know, new theme and all. ;)

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